Time Made Visible:
Tapestry Artists of Puget Sound

Vashon Center for the Arts
January 2019

Tapestry weavers have an intimate relationship with time. To weave a tapestry, an artist must hold on to and nurture a single vision for months as the image slowly unfolds on the loom. Tapestry is a dense and sturdy fabric that is woven by hand. The tapestry’s design is revealed literally pixel by pixel, as colored weft threads interweave with the structural warp threads, row upon row. The woven structure and the image are one and the same. Tapestries are a form of image making in which the time and effort of making is embodied in the structure of the cloth itself.

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Cecilia Blomberg

“Birch Rolls,” 10 pieces, 118” x 5.5,” wool, linen
“Waterways,” 10 x 10,” wool

“Mates,” 35″ x 50,” wool
“Point Defiance Steps,” 36 x 50,” wool

Marian Cragg

“Pacific Time,” 28″ x 24,” wool
“Still Standing,” 53″ x 35,” wool

Gail Temple

Gail Temple
Shadow,” 26″ x 21,” linen, wool

Ellen Ramsey

“Obi I,” 42″ x 36,” wool, silk, rayon
“Repose,” 60″ x 36,” wool, silk, rayon & retro reflective fiber

Margo Macdonald

“Cottonwood Canal,” 29″ x 36,” wool
“Elwah,” 31″ x 35,” wool

Julia Rapinoe

“Moondance,” 16.5″ x 11.5,” wool, silk
“Ice Waves,” 16.5″ x 10,” wool, silk

“Homecoming Kings,” 12.5″ x 10.5,” wool, silk

Liz Pulos

“Blanket,” 12″ x 12,” cotton
“Cuppa,” 8″ x 11,” wool

“Leaf,” 11″ x 11,” cotton
“In the Early Aughts,” 27″ x 27,” wool

“Thicket 2,” 13″ x 11,” cotton

Mary Lane

“Autumn Leaves,” 40.5″ x 57,” wool
Untitled #139, 12.25″ x 9,” wool

Joyce Hayes

“Bach Invention #13,” 10″ x 15″ (framed), cotton sewing thread, rayon, painted ground cloth
“Etude 3,” 10″ x 13″ (framed), cotton sewing thread, rayon, painted ground cloth

“Etude 5 Verdant Summer,” 10.5″ x 11.75″ (framed), cotton sewing thread, rayon, painted ground cloth