Suzanne Hubbard

The Always One-Tree, 108”x 96.” Double and single weft interlock. Wool and a handmade wooden hanger.
Nature and Culture, 57”x 56.” Swedish Bildvävnad. Wool, cotton, linen, wood.
Emergence, 8’ 4” x 7’ 2.” From The Silent Oratory a Weaver Speaks tapestry series.
Planting the Thread, 60” x 70,”single weft interlock. Hand dyed cotton fabric, acrylic, wood, copper, glass beads. 
The Mundane and Sacred Intertwined, 92” x 27.” Double weft interlock tapestry. Wool, cotton, linen, stone and glass beads.

Suzanne Hubbard learned how to weave from Swedish master weaver Marguretta Grandin-Nettles on Nantucket Island in 1971. Pattern, structure, and texture feature prominently in Swedish weaving, and those elements attracted Suzanne to this particular technique. She travelled to Sweden where she continued to study weaving and textile design at two well-known handcraft schools, Sätergläntan in Dalarna and Capellagården on the island of Öland. Suzanne’s career has included weaving commissions, participating in decorator show houses, and exhibiting in both galleries and museums. Over the many years of weaving, however, her interest in pattern, structure, and texture has persisted. She has developed a deeper appreciation for the craft, the understanding of which is at the heart of her current work. Weaving’s patterning process resembles a life-patterning process. Therefore, in addition to its visual aspects, it also creates a non-verbal language that graphically expresses Nature’s world of interdependent relationships. Pattern, structure, and texture remain the primary elements in her work––and each tapestry expresses an important theme when seen from the integrated perspective of the whole tapestry.

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