Joyce Hayes

Phoenix Rising #2, 5.13” x 6.37” x 1.25,” 2020. Linen warp, natural dyed silk for weft, rayon threads for embroidery.  


The five tapestries above are included in my COVID 19 Series and unfortunately the series has not come to an end yet.  All of the threads used in these tapestries are 60/2 silk and cotton embroidery thread. I have hand dyed them with natural dyes.  The last two years have given me the time to relax and, in my mind, visualize and imagine the countless color possibilities that intersect with the camping trips my husband and I have taken amidst our relative isolation.  I draw with colored pencils to finalized what direction I want to go in the next tapestry but the real fun happens while visualizing what could happen.

Joyce Hayes is a Seattle based artist who has been weaving tapestry since 1998.  She has a BFA in printmaking and  design from Miami University of Ohio.  Before concentrating on small format tapestry she wove large boundwoven wall rugs.

These tapestries delve into the delicate dance between color, value and line.  I am exploring the technique of hatching which is common to both traditional printmaking and tapestry.  Instead of using hatching as a shading device to create volume, I have streamlined it to be a two-dimensional graphic design element.  Inspired by my interest in music my color palette is designed to ebb and flow much like the shifts of sound and harmonic progressions in music.

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