Marion Cragg


Cloud Mountain, 28” x 40”
Mountain Harmony, 41” x 58”
Looking Forward, 38” x 51”

My love of nature and the natural world has always influenced my work. Landscapes with their forms and lines seem to be where my imagination takes me. One of my loves is the vast vistas of the American Southwest where I honed my craft and felt my passion for the rich  and vibrant  colors of the desert and mountains grow. Living in the Northwest with its more subdued palette and ocean influence lets me meld the combination of the two. The contrasts are exciting to me and the hundreds of colors I dye catch the subtle nuances I feel in  weaving each tapestry.

Born and raised surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest Marion began weaving in 1970. Her first teacher was acclaimed Swedish weaver, Lily Bohlin, in Victoria B.C. A move to New Mexico in 1990 allowed her to become studio assistant for Internationally renowned tapestry artist Nancy Kozikowski in Albuquerque for four years before establishing herself as tapestry artist. She continues to weave tapestries in her forest studio near the ocean.

Contact Information

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